How to Buy Adappter Token (ADP)

Looking to buy Adappter Token (ADP) but don't know where and how to buy it? Here is a step-by-step guide to buy Adappter Token.

Adappter Token is not listed on major exchanges like Coinbase and Binance yet. But you can still buy it on one of the best altcoin exchanges in the market.

In short, you can purchase Adappter Token (ADP) easily on MEXC Global. Keep reading if you want to know how to register an account on MEXC Global. 

MEXC Global is one of the best bitcoin exchanges when it comes to the number of listed coins and tokens. They currently list more than 1119 coins/tokens and up to 1360 available markets.

MEXC Global is the third largest cryptocurrency exchange based on the number of listed coins. They come just after Hotbit and Gate.

MEXC lists new tokens regularly, so make sure to register for an account. 

1. sign up on MEXC

  1. Sign Up for MEXC
  2. Enter your email, password, and confirm password
  3. Click on "Get code" to receive the verification code
  4. Check your email inbox and copy paste the verification code
  5. Agree to User Agreement and Privacy Policy
  6. Click the "Sign up" button
  7. Log in to your account and complete the primary KYC process

Now you can send Bitcoin or USDT to your MEXC wallet so you can trade it for Adappter Token (ADP).

If you don't have Bitcoin or USDT in any wallet or exchange, you can buy it directly with your credit/debit card. 

2. Buy Bitcoin or USDT

  1. From the main menu, choose "Buy Crypto"
  2. By default, it opens the "P2P Markets"
  3. Choose "Credit/Debit Card" to buy Bitcoin or USDT
  4. Depending on your card, choose the base currency you will pay with and enter a purchase amount
  5. In "Get" field, choose the cryptocurrency you which to buy: BTC, ETH, or USDT
  6. Finally, Click "Buy BTC"

The service of buying bitcoin with a credit/debit card is offered via a third-party service called "Simplex". So, if you fail to buy crypto using this service, you can try other platforms such as the following.

Best altcoin exchanges

Rank Exchange Visit
#1 Kucoin → Sign Up
#2 → Sign Up
#3 Binance → Sign Up

3. Trade BTC or USDT for Adappter Token (ADP)

After getting BTC, ETH, or USDT in your wallet, select "Trade" from the main menu and choose Spot.
In the search field, type ADP/USDT to start the trade.

Just below the chart window, select "Market" and enter an amount of USDT to trade for Adappter Token (ADP).

Finally, click "Buy ADP" to execute the trade.

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