How to buy Pig Finance (PIG)

Are you looking for the easiest way to buy Pig Finance (PIG)?

There are several platforms where you can buy Pig Finance (PIG), including Gate, MEXC, BitMart and PancakeSwap.

Best Exchanges to Pig Finance (PIG)

Rank Exchange Visit
#1 Gate → Sign Up
#2 MEXC → Sign Up
#3 BitMart → Sign Up

How to Buy Pig Finance (PIG) Summary

- Sign up to Gate, MEXC, or BitMart.
- Buy USDT with deposited fiat or a bank card.
- Trade USDT for PIG.

That’s the basics of how to buy Pig Finance! For a more detailed review and a step-by-step guide, keep on reading below.

Pig Finance is a meme token deployed on BNB Chain, a blockchain network that competes with Ethereum.

Pig Finance is featuring a number of new features such as Black Hole design that reduces the total supply in circulation by huge amounts. 

This means that those who hold PIG will be rewarded with 5% of the transactional volume across the network.

In addition, 5% of the tokens are locked away for a period of 69 years.

We list the top 3 crypto exchanges that offer the ability to Buy Pig Finance token with a credit card, debit card, or USDT.

Gate supports up to 1324 coins/tokens and 2300 crypto markets, so you can easily find a crypto pair to trade for PIG. Gate is one of the largest crypto exchanges right now, and it's gained popularity owing to features they have released over the years. 

For example, you can trade in cryptocurrency markets, margin trade with 10x leverage, margin lend or borrow funds, invest in perpetual swap contracts and much more.

So it's the perfect cryptocurrency exchange for crypto traders looking to trade meme tokens such as Dogelon Mars (elon), Hoge Finance (HOGE), and Australian Safe Shepherd (ASS).


MEXC Global offers a wide variety of over 1212 cryptocurrencies and 1456 markets. You can easily buy and sell crypto on MEXC because they feature an interface that's clean and straightforward.

In addition, MEXC is by far the best exchange for leveraged tokens (ETFs) and lesser-known cryptos.

In short, MEXC is a solid exchange for beginner and professional investors alike.

However, because MEXC is a regulated platform, users need to verify their account by uploading an identity document before they can trade on the platform.


If you are looking to invest in less popular coins and token, then BitMart is a decent option.

This exchange currently offers 579 coins and 658 markets. Bitmart allows you to fund your account with fiat money. Namely, USD and EUR.

In addition to popular coins, you can buy and sell less known tokens such as Shibnobi, Teddy Doge, and Mrweb Finance.

Is Pig Finance a good investment?

As of right now, Pig Finance (PIG) is a mostly speculative coin. It has not shown many new features and is mostly riding on meme coin hype. So, investing in Pig Finance is entirely a personal decision to consider how much risk you would like to take - only invest what you can afford to lose.

Pig Finance Wallets

You can hold your Pig Finance investment in your exchange wallet if you plan to trade it in the short term.

If you plan to hold into your Pig Finance for long term, you might want to transfer it into a self custody wallet.

There are 2 main wallets you can use to store your Pig Finance tokens.

Binance Chain Extension Wallet

If you don't have a Binance Chain extension wallet, you can download the extension on major internet browsers such as Google Chrome, Brave, and Mozilla Firefox.

Download for Chrome,  Brave and Firefox.


Metamask is a popular browser extension wallet that allows you to trade and hold crypto. It supports multi-chains such as BNB Chain and Ethereum.

You can download it on your browser from the official website here:

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