How to buy Saitama (SAITAMA)

If you want to know where to buy Saitama and how to buy it, keep reading this step-by-step guide. The most active exchanges to buy Saitama are Gate, Lbank, and MEXC.

Best Exchanges to Buy Saitama Inu (SAITAMA)

Rank Exchange Visit
#1 Gate → Sign Up
#2 Lbank → Sign Up
#3 MEXC → Sign Up
Saitama Inu token is built on the Ethereum blockchain and it aims to promote financial prosperity. Even though Saitama describes itself as "The Future of Finance", they initially started as a meme coin.


How to Buy Saitama on

Gate is the best place to buy Saitama because it currently accounts for 19.89% of Saitama trading volume. This is important for your order to get filled fast. Here's how to buy Saitama on gate platform: First, sign up for an account or log in.

You need to verify your account with your identity card before you can buy crypto on Gate. 

Now that your account is verified, you can begin buying Teether USDT which you will trade for Saitama.

Locate "Buy Crypto" in the main menu and follow the instructions to buy USDT with a credit card or bank transfer.

When you're done purchasing USDT, you have to open the trading interface so you can buy Saitama.

You can do this by navigating to Trade> Spot Trading> Standard.
  how to buy saitama inu on 
In this stage, you have to search for Saitama_USDT trading pair.

Type Saitama in the search bar and Select Saitama_USDT.

Now that you can see the Saitama Inu chart, you can open a trade to purchase Saitama with your desired amount of USDT.

Find the interface where you can trade Saitama just below the chart window. 

Here you'll need to enter the amount of USDT you want to invest, and add the exact price that you want to buy Saitama at.

Finally, click Buy Saitama - USDT.

How to Buy Saitama Inu on Lbank

Lbank is a popular exchange for buying and selling cryptocurrency. Their daily trading volume is above $850,525,295.

This is because Lbank exchange supports trading more than 516 coins - so it is ranked among the top 10 cryptocurrency trading platforms by the number of listed coins. 

To buy Saitama, log in to your account or sign up and verify your account with your ID.

Then you need to buy USDT with your credit card on the exchange.

If you have USDT on another wallet or exchange, just transfer it to your Lbank account so you can buy Saitama with it.
 Now select Trade> Spot

In the search bar, type in Saitama and click on the result.

Below the chart, select "Market" order type instead of the default "Limit".


Finally, enter an amount of USDT you want to invest and click on "Buy Saitama".

How to Buy Saitama on MEXC

Even though Saitama Inu is listed on MEXC Global, it still lacks good volume. This means your order to buy Saitama on MEXC will take some time before it gets filled.

The reason for this is the volume on Saitama is only 0.46% at the time of writing this guide.

But this should not be a problem if you are trading low amounts of Saitama. If you plan to go big on Saitama, you'll have to see the other exchanges we mentioned above.

Anyway, here's how to buy Saitama on Mexc:
 First, sign up and verify your account.

Second, buy USDT stable coin with your credit card.

Finally, Trade your purchased USDT for Saitama Inu.

How to Buy Saitama on Trust Wallet

You can also buy Saitama Inu on decentralized exchanges such as Uniswap, SushiSwap, and ShibaSwap. But you need to know that you'll pay high fees if you decide to use these exchanges.

This is because they work on the Ethereum blockchain. Unlike BNB Chain, fees are high on Ethereum network.

Here's how to buy Saitama Inu on Trust Wallet or MetaMask:

First, download and set up a wallet.

Second, open Trust Wallet and click "DApps".

Third, access on the Trust Wallet DApp browser.

After that, connect your wallet. Finally, Swap "ETH to Saitama".

How to Buy Saitama in the US

Coinbase and US-based exchanges do not support Saitama Inu. So the best way to buy Saitama in the US is to buy ETH on an exchange such as Uphold. Then you need to transfer it to your Trust Wallet or MetaMask.

After that, you can connect your wallet to Uniswap, SushiSwap, or ShibaSwap. Finally, trade your ETH for Saitama Inu.

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